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Trampoline Buying Guide Tips

Trampoline Buying Guide Tips

Kids simply love playing on trampolines and buying one is an exciting prospect. However choosing the right trampoline can be an exhausting exercise in itself. There are lots of manufacturers, brands and models for you to choose from, so how do you decide when edited images make it near impossible to judge the good from the bad trampolines? Also… Why do some trampolines cost so much more than others? Here are some ideas to consider when trampoline shopping! We hope it will help you choose the right trampoline for your family.

What size should I buy?

Get the biggest trampoline you can fit in your garden – children grow! Try laying a hosepipe out in a circle in the garden as a guide to see how it fits. Remember size is measured across the outer perimeters of the frame, so a 12ft trampoline has a bounce area of 10 feet as the pads are about 12 inches wide. A 10ft one has just 8 feet diameter of bounce area etc.

Standard sizes are 8ft (for toddlers), 10ft (young children in a small garden), 12ft (most popular size) and 14ft diameter (space isn’t an issue). Note: You gain approx. 30% more bounce area with every 2 feet’.

Which shape is best?

Round trampolines are great for messing around and having fun in the garden. Rectangular ones are used by professionals and give optimum bounce but expect to pay a premium for these.


What surface does the trampoline need to sit on?

Flat ground is not necessary as legs can be dug in and some are adjustable. Grass is the best surface but it will die off underneath. Use cushioning under the legs if siting on a hard surface such as a patio.


Why are some trampolines more expensive?

Good quality trampolines have more and longer length springs, higher gauge (thickness) galvanised steel frames, thicker pads and longer warranties. Expect a good trampoline from a reputable manufacturer to last 5+ years.

Second-hand or eBay bargains which develop problems may end up costing you more than buying new. Parts are usually expensive and some brands/models are one offs making it impossible to source replacement parts. If you want support, service and customer care beware of cheap unknown brands sold online or by non-specialist retailers. You get what you pay for!

Some final tips

– Trampoline tents look fun but they do take an hour to erect (safety nets must be removed and replaced afterwards) plus it’s unsafe to bounce inside them.

– Trampolines are designed to be kept outdoors all year round – no hibernation required!

– ALWAYS buy a fun trampoline with a safety net.

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